We are very excited to inform you about the first Sundaville® Retail Experience at MNP flowers, this summer! This is where we want to show you why we are so excited about the (new) Sundaville® varieties. Get to know all there is about the Sundaville® varieties and meet MNP flowers.


The event is for every retailer, wholesaler and exporter who would like to know more about Sundaville®. The Retail Experience is interesting for both companies who already sell or want to start selling our beautiful Sundaville® varieties. So if you’re a retailer, wholesaler, exporter or work at such a company? Don’t miss out this unique possibility and register now for one of the guided tours!


–   Discover new exclusive Sundaville® varieties
–   See new ways to grow- and sell Sundaville®
–   Unique opportunity to expand your network
–   New (retail) presentation possibilities
–   New Sundaville® labels, pots, etc
–   Free available POS materials
–   Presentation from the breeder
–   Professional guided tours
–   Cocktails & lounge
–   Exiting goodiebag


The event location is situated in the show greenhouses of MNP flowers in the Netherlands. It is located in the area of Aalsmeer near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Besides this, there are a lot of facilities and activities available in the near area to combine your visit with. A couple of possibilities are: the just opened Waterdrinker (FloraHolland) Aalsmeer, the famous city center of Amsterdam, the beaches of Zandvoort, the old dutch fishers town of Volendam and the new World Horti Center in Naaldwijk.


These days consumers want more! They want a special product with a beautifully designed label, more background information, more involvement with the product (customer experience) and, most importantly, they wish to create a sea of flowers in their own garden and own long lasting plants which offer excellent value for money. All these things are united in world’s #1 Sundaville® (Mandevilla) brand and this is what we want to let you experience and share with you.


It is self evident that we provide free entrance, drinks and lunch during the event. On top of this, there will be music to create a nice atmosphere for everyone. For further information about the programme, see tour schedules. And for additional info about the event location, hotels, taxi numbers etc., see  practical information.